Phase 1: Preparation & Analysis

Onboarding & Travel Requirements

HCTec’s seasoned human resources team has onboarded thousands of go-live consultants. The team can adapt as needed using different systems with regards to your specific onboarding process.

During the planning phase, HCTec works with our corporate travel management partner to establish discounted group hotel rates for go-live projects. Because HCTec only uses known resources, we can book flights in advanced to secure the lowest economical fares. When applicable according to shift schedules and volumes, HCTec will use shuttle transportation and group carpooling.

Facility Walkthrough & Staffing Needs

Throughout the project, it is critical the go-live managers allocate staff based on anticipated and unanticipated demand. HCTec managers and other onsite leadership play an integral role in providing continuous communication to ensure effective staffing allocations are attained. This starts in the planning phase when HCTec managers work with your leadership to develop the staffing plan. The staffing plan is developed during an onsite walk through during which we visualize where staff members work, patients pass through, and providers give care. By visualizing the process, we make certain staffing levels are appropriate to deliver for the best, most cost efficient, well-supported go-live services.