Phase 2: Onboarding

Staffing Process & Methodology

HCTec go-live teams are reliable, trusted, and proven on previous go-lives during many years. One of the most important aspects of HCTec screening is the requirement that teams are built from known, reliable resources that have proven themselves on previous HCTec training projects. When there is a need to add resources, our process follows strict guidelines:

Unique to HCTec, the 5-Star Certification Program gives you confidence in project delivery by requiring team members to have the following qualifications:

Compliance Requirements

HCTec will ensure all documents and information needed are completed before a consultant can begin his or her engagement.  Our resources will use our LMS to complete courses on customer service, HIPAA, and acknowledge HCTec’s consultant handbook. All compliance requirements will be reviewed during our web conferences. During web conferences, our management team will set proper expectations on all consultant deliverables such as:

Risk Mitigation & Personnel Management

Consultant turnover during go-lives may occur to occasional unforeseen events. HCTec’s turnover rates have averaged 1% or less within the last year. Despite low turnover, a risk mitigation plan is a necessity: