Why HCTec?

HCTec understands the unique situation many CIOs and other decision makers are finding themselves in. You have enormous decisions to make in limited time and on a limited budget. Based in Nashville, we have been retained for numerous engagements across the country as word continues to spread regarding our timely delivery and innovative, cost-saving solutions.

Our organizational structure is a client-centric structure, with an Account Executive overseeing the company’s relationship with each client. Our Account Executives live and work regionally to our clients. Our local resources leverage our practice teams for needs that arise. This two-pronged client approach has led to many satisfied customers of HCTec.

A True Partner That Works Alongside You

When you choose HCTec, you gain a true partner. We don’t just manage our engagements from afar—our leadership goes to the trenches alongside your team to ensure success. Based on regular customer surveys, our clients are routinely impressed with the depth and breadth of talent in our consultant pool. Please give our solutions and talents a browse, and find out how HCTec can help take your facility’s patient care into the future.

Innovative Solutions for Every Phase of Your Project

You have options when selecting consultants for your next major project, but you’ll want to do some due diligence first. Our experience has proven that proper planning can make all the difference. Too often, we’ve heard stories of clients that were caught off-guard when they realized they needed a bigger staff, or as they watched their bottom line change dramatically. HCTec takes the time to properly plan, assess, then execute.

Our innovative solutions encompass every phase of your project, especially the pre-planning. For example, clients are routinely taking advantage of our Go-live Calculator, created by one of our talented Program Managers. Our lineup of consultants is remarkable. Their knowledge and experience is incredibly resourceful. We work side-by-side with you until the project is finished.

Resources that Fit Your Needs

Our ability to provide health systems with top quality professionals is a testament to our client and employee-centric focus and overall corporate vision. All internal staff and consulting professionals are W-2 employees and have the opportunity to qualify for our internal benefits program. We’ve found that when you treat your consultants like they are truly part of the team and give them the same benefits as your corporate employees, they are happier, more productive workers, which in turn gives our clients superior service.

Let’s talk about how HCTec can help you!

To learn more about HCTec’s solutions and services please contact us here.